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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Space and Time

Space and time is a such a beautiful concept. Every decision you make can change the course of your life for the better or for the worse. How important is this idea of countless possibilities; endless opportunities for your life. Are you always on time or are you always late? How do you classify the things that you JUST couldn't foresee happening? Was it a blessing? Was it luck? Are you cursed? If you were early would that thing still happen? Or did you miss out on something else? You can't really be concerned with the things you're not connecting with. JUST stay focused on the now and remember to bob, weave, and roll with the punches. And speaking of punches; A FUCKING BIRD SHITTED ON MY HAND THIS MORNING. I WANTED TO EAT THAT MOTHERFATHER! ONE FOOT TO THE RIGHT AND THAT HO WOULD HAVE MISSED ME! 5 SECONDS EARLIER OR LATER AND IM IN THE CLEAR. SPACE AND TIME IS A BITCH FOR REAL!!!

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