Congruent Transmissions

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


About a week ago I witnessed someone pissing next to a row of homeless people sleeping against a wall. Peaceful and serene they laid there preparing to act as a levee for some asshole. I couldnt resist the urge to reprimand him. As his friends were laughing, I yelled at him “HEY THATS HILARIOUS!!” Then I got serious with him and asked him why he would piss next to those people like that. He said “I had to piss.” I called him a degenerate and explained how nasty and disgusting that was. He suggested I should stop talking to him. I replied as long as I can see you I’m going to continue speaking and educating your dumb ass. And then it happened. I referred to his immediate need for relief as some bitch ass degenerate ass shit to do. OK now he wants to fight. “REALLY?! Did you really just call me a bitch?” he repeatedly asks. I’m quiet at this point. His friend implores me to just walk away because I apparently “don’t want it.” I emphatically inquire “I DON’T WANT WHAT?!” In the midst of intense eye contact and the redundant query of my blatant verbal emasculation, I think to myself this really isn’t worth it. Do I really want to streetfight with three 25 year olds. Not really. You know what? I apologized and reiterated in my conclusion that he should join the rest of civilization and rise up to an equitable standard of morals fit to be apart of the human race.

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