Congruent Transmissions

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Assumptions: A Tired Discussion

I was at in n out burger the other night. I ordered my food and went to sit down. A young couple of another race had their laptop out. I don't know why I was admiring the machine as if I'm brand new, but I was. They noticed me looking at the computer and they're faces said it all. I snapped out of it and realized how rude it must have been of me to stare, all be it 5 seconds. I must have looked like a gigabyte starved animal. But hey...look... I'm 40 years old and 250 pounds. There's no way I'm gonna snatch it and get away. But should I expect them to factor that into their reasoning for being anxious about my presence? Not at all. So whatever... I sit down and next thing you know I feel her looking at me. I look over and she was looking and nervously putting her laptop away. I was gonna Tweet and FB status what happened but changed my mind. I couldn't prove my Blackness is why she put it away. And even if it was the reason, it's her right to do whatever she wants. I decided to contribute to the more responsible self sufficient me and keep my assumptions to myself. It felt a whole lot better.... more Zen.