Congruent Transmissions

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Why am so obsessed with all of this crap on the internet?

I mean it can't possibly be for fame. Or is it? Who am I to warrant such a life. There is absolutely nothing special going on here. At least not yet.

My general attitude towards life is try not to let things bother you. So when I ponder the big questions I rarely think about the answer because its all speculative anyway. Not based in fact. Only the eye witnessed occurrences can be broken down to see what it really is. And even if I could solve the biggest perplexity, what benefit would it be to me even if I was dead on.

I suppose I just need to be active and write for the therapeutic advantages of expressing oneself. You never know what great concept I've left behind to fade away in the annuls of my mind. After all, this is my intellectual property. This could be worth something some day.

Or maybe not.

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