Congruent Transmissions

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reluctant Introduction

I am here to give away more of my life in the physical world to document absolutely nothing in this virtual macrocosm of conceited self-adorers and generally high-handed dumbasses. Yes, I do love myself; and yes, I can be an ass at times. I'm not that special.

Keystroke after painstakingly mundane keystroke, I will journey closer to the answers that query the encephala of man. Like, "Why is it so easy to cast aspersions at oneself?" or "Why do I enjoy excreting on bill collectors when they call to harass me?" or "Why won't I just fix my credit?" Who knows.

I am compelled to start this blog because it just "seems" like the right thing to do. I have never kept a journal or a diary, but somehow I am under the spell of the internet. As if the word "blog" is some sort of monosyllabic incantation that necessitates me to type.

So as this is the first installment of the Boomix Cube, I'll keep this short and bittersweet until I really have something to say.


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