Congruent Transmissions

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Artsy Over Here, F*** Y'all Over There

When it comes to artistic value, interpretive dance has little value to me at all. That's why in these hard economic times I believe we should make massive cuts in the budget that provide grant money for the arts. The cost of operation should be paid for by those who can find some kind of redeeming value in it.

Money for school programs are fine. But after high school or college all funds should be provided by those who want to partake of whatever art they want.

I saw a performer last night who dressed up like an elephant and danced and splashed around in a corporate mall fountain. I thought it was horrible. I mean I've seen street performers with more talent. I've actually given street performers money when I thought they did a good job. If this guy was on the street doing what he did last night, people would think he was crazy.

The bottomline for me is I don't believe my tax dollars should go to art that I don't believe is art.


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