Congruent Transmissions

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong Ohhh!

Ok this chick from UCLA is an insensitive bitch. I could say more but I won't.

Thess guys have the right idea! Fight ignorance with humor. It doesn't matter how huffy and puffy you get about racism, there will always be racists. I believe I may be a little bit racist because I think about race so much. But I would never oppress any other race though. Unless it was in a movie that was only meant for adults 18 and older to view and it starred me and Tera Patrick (WARNING: PORN ALERT!) Any way enjoy the videos I've posted here and remember this one thing.


I could translate this but I think blondie has already done enough damage. Peace in the Far East baby. WON♥


  1. that rant was too funny. What I find especially funny is that white people get crucified for this type of smack talk. The rest of us totally get away with this. no one has a little racist in them...for expamle I know the brothers were laughing their buts off at Chris Tucker bashing Jacky Chan (Rush Hour 1-3) and Friday Tucker totally goes off on the mexican guys in their low rider. Also, in spanish they sing Chino Chino Japones Come Caca y No Me Des.

    I am a big guy and without fail the Korean ladies at the dry cleaner's talk smack..."oh we gonna work hard today" Sure it can be anoying but get a thicker skin. I am sure folks can come up with all sorts of ways to make fun of "Britainy" there.

  2. The danger of permitting for slander and insult to be protected with the concept of freedom of speech is that the indvidual expressing is practicing the articulation of ideas that can be re-articulated when that person is in a position of authority and power. The individual who can speaks in such a manner so as to directly bash a person of a different character is practicing and developing and becoming stronger with intellectual content that serves only to hinder the harmony of peoples who can better apply their energies to solving serious problems that touch all peoples. How many times in the last 100 years because human beings can hold nothing greater in their minds than the obvious distinctions of genotype and phenotype that other individuals have been disuaded from going forward. The person who cannot go forward is an issue of fitness, certainly. But, the people who have primary, obvious, truths such as eye shape and skin shade, and who get away with such base behavior under some concept about health and expression are only maintaining the primal strengths: dogs know cats, horses know wolves, sparrows know hawks, and people know the other.